The Difference between Separating Rubber Bag and Non-Bag

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Separation glue is specially used for vacuum and injection blood collection in hospitals, so that medical staff can better detect human body diseases through blood. The molecular formula of serum separating gel is CAH4 [(CH3)2SiO]Nc2H4. The appearance of the gel is colorless and transparent. It has a slight taste and no impurities. Of course, some separating gel manufacturers will make the separating gel translucent, but if there are impurities, it is obviously not of good quality.


Recently, many purchasers of chemical reagents will ask a question - is the serum separating gum good for bagging or not? Today, let's talk about the difference between bagging separating gum and non-bagging separating gum!

In fact, the quality and weight of bagged and non-bagged separating glue are the same, and the price is mostly the same, but the packaging is not the same, for the use of enterprises are not the same.


Bagging separator has better sealability, it is more suitable for long-term use, and its long-distance transport performance is better and more stable than that without bagging. The disadvantage is that the bagging separating glue will stick to the bags in the use process, resulting in a certain degree of loss.


Non-bagged separating rubber is suitable for direct use in a short period of time, and Wuhan Desheng has different weights, suitable for various types of machines to add. Of course, if we calculate the cost of bagged separating rubber from other costs, the external packaging iron drum also has a certain cost, compared with the non-bagged rubber drum will be more expensive.