The past and present of carbomer

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The TV series Sansheng III Shili Peach Blossom must have been seen by everyone. There is a saying that has been lingering in my mind. My life has been lost to her previous life, and it is destined to be entangled with each other for a lifetime. Although the past and present of Carbomer resin said no That love scene was vigorous, but it really gave us an amazing change, because there are so many roles that it can play, daily chemicals, medicines, and disinfectant gels. The past life is just a huge crowd. With a drop in the ocean, so much contribution can be made to mankind in this life, there is no regret in this life.

Kabo resin in my previous life where did I come from and where do I go

Here is a grand introduction to the past life of carbomer resin, carbomer resin is a kind of high molecular polymer crosslinked by acrylic acid and allyl sucrose ether or allyl pentaerythritol ether. The research of carbomer started In the 1950s, it was first developed and produced by Goodrich Company in the United States. By the 1970s and 1980s, the research on carbomer became mature and was widely used. The molecule of carbomer contains 56%-68%. The carboxylic acid groups make these resins weakly acidic. Although weaker than acetic acid, they can easily react with inorganic bases and organic bases to form salts. Carbo resin can be used as an excellent suspending agent, stabilizer, emulsifier, pharmaceutical excipient matrix, and also the most effective water-soluble thickener.

Desheng Carbomer Gel

Carbomer resin will never be separated from life to life.

Carbomer resin has been tempered and tempered, and it can be used as one of the important raw materials in disposable hand sanitizers today when the new crown is raging. It has super water absorption performance, thickening performance and good gel suspension performance. Very small usage amount (0.5%-2.0% usage amount) can achieve good thickening effect, which can be said to be a good story in the hands-free disinfection industry.

It is no exaggeration to say that carbomer is the basis for human survival. Human beings cannot live without carbomer. Why do you say that, because carbomer is found in cosmetics, creams, lotions, shampoos and other products. It can be said that without its extremely high transparency and thickening performance, these daily chemical products that are often used in ordinary times have no soul. Carbomer resin has fully proved its ease of use and appearance with its superior performance indicators. Can coexist.

Carbomer resin can be used as an ophthalmic gel. The common eye drops currently used in clinical practice cause poor drug absorption due to the short retention time of the drug in the eye. But carbomer is different. Not only does it have no such shortcomings, it can also relieve the symptoms of dry eye caused by endocrine disorders and insufficient tear production, reduce inflammation and treat presbyopia. Presbyopia is easily acquired by the elderly. For this kind of disease, can you leave the carbo resin which is an important raw material in ophthalmic gel?

Here comes the question, since carbomer resin has contributed so extensively to mankind, where can I find a high-quality carbomer manufacturer? The answer is Desheng, currently producing two models, carbomer 980 and carbomer 940, the application of the two models is slightly different, but they both meet the various needs of customers. At the end of the year, the discount is only 100 yuan/kg above the ton level. This opportunity is not to be missed!