Does tromethamine (Tris) affect environmental pollution?

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Tromethamine (Tris) is an alkaloid, which is often used to prepare various pH buffers in biological experiments. It is also a raw material for cosmetics. Therefore, Tris will accumulate in the environment in a certain space and time, causing the outside world Risk of environmental pollution. But Tris will also be degraded by bacteria in the environment in the external environment, thereby reducing its accumulation. Only by detecting the degradation characteristics of Tris can the risk of pollution in the environment be measured. Experiments have shown that the degradation percentage of tromethamine within 5 days under conditions exceeds 96%. According to the OECD standard for rapid biodegradability of organic matter, tromethamine is a rapidly biodegradable substance and has a low risk of pollution to the external environment. This will also help to understand its migration and transformation laws in the environment and provide a theoretical basis for its ecological risk assessment.

Because tromethamine (Tris) is not harmful to the environment, it is widely used in some cosmetics, pharmaceutical intermediates, and biochemical research. And it has high buffering capacity, high solubility in water, and inert to many enzyme reactions, making Tris a very satisfactory buffer for many biochemical purposes. Generally used to stabilize the pH of the reaction system, with a strong buffering capacity between pH 7.5-9.0.

1. Tris buffer is not only widely used as a solvent for nucleic acids and proteins, but also has many important uses. Tris is used for protein crystal growth under different pH conditions. The low ionic strength of Tris buffer can be used for the formation of the intermediate fibers of the nematode nuclear laminin. Tris is also one of the main components of protein electrophoresis buffer. It forms a buffer system with glycine in the electrophoresis buffer to stabilize the pH during electrophoresis.

2. Tris is also an intermediate for the preparation of surfactants, vulcanization accelerators and some drugs. Tris is also used as a titration standard. As a protein buffer, if mass spectrometry is required for subsequent work, Tris is not suitable, and it is best to change to a buffer that can be tolerated by other mass spectrometers.

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