Desheng chemiluminescence detection reagents of acridinium ester and luminol

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Luminol, isoluminol and their derivatives are the earliest types of chemiluminescent substances used, but their application in chemiluminescence immunoassay requires the use of catalysts and enhancers, which will increase the background luminescence and increase the measurement background. High, thus limiting the sensitivity of this technology, and acridinium ester does not need to add a catalyst, this has aroused great interest of the majority of analysts, acridinium ester is an important chemiluminescence detection reagent, with its high luminous efficiency, The advantages of simple luminescence system, no need to add catalyst, low background, simple marking, etc. are widely used.

Desheng acridine ester and luminol product packaging

Luminol, the substrate for horseradish enzyme detection, is undoubtedly one of the classic products of Desheng Biochemical. Such products include luminol, luminol sodium salt and isoluminol. In recent years, the reduced demand in the enzyme immunoassay market does not affect the market for luminol products, because the market for chemiluminescence detection is expanding. As the most widely used chemiluminescence detection reagent in China, at least so far, the market is still very strong. it is good. Relying on the stable product quality of luminol for many years, Desheng has made itself one of the excellent luminol suppliers in China.

The amount of acridine ester products used in the test is very small, generally calculated in milligrams (mg), but its applications are relatively wide, and can be used for nucleic acid labeling, DNA determination, hepatitis B diagnosis, etc. There are currently a total of 6 Acridine ester products are: acridinium ester DMAE-NHS, acridinium ester NSP-DMAE-NHS, acridinium salt NSP-SA, acridine salt NSP-SA-NHS, acridinium hydrazide NSP-SA- ADH and acridinium ester ME-DMAE-NHS have high product purity and sensitivity. Once customers purchase, they will become stable repurchase customers, which fully shows that the quality of the products is recognized by customers.

Desheng is committed to continuously promoting the technical improvement and innovation of medical chemical materials and providing customers with high-quality customized synthesis services. The above chemiluminescence reagents are all Desheng superior products and continuous promotion products, in line with high quality and low price, you are welcome to come.