How to find asymptomatic patients with COVID-19?

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The new crown virus is undoubtedly frightening for everyone to hear in 2020. Seeing that more than half of 2020 has passed, the new crown does not seem to be over. There are still imported cases of foreigners every day, and even after a period of time, asymptomatic infections emerge in a certain place, causing many people to be isolated for observation. Asymptomatic infection is such a headache, how to find asymptomatic patients with new crown?

Asymptomatic patients with new coronary disease are difficult to detect and easy to be ignored because their symptoms are not obvious or almost absent. If there are such patients around them, they are easily infected with the virus unknowingly. So how to find asymptomatic patients with new coronavirus? It has become a problem that everyone is very concerned about.

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Earlier, a research team composed of researchers such as Weng Jianping, Liu Jian, and others submitted a new study (not peer-reviewed) with relevant content, reporting how an asymptomatic infection of the new coronavirus was found and treated.

The patient is a 50-year-old woman. Her indicators and signs are almost the same as those of a healthy person, and there are no related symptoms. This makes it difficult for the patient to be found, and she does not realize that she has been infected. The specific manifestation is :

1. No history of hypertension, diabetes, chronic liver disease, chronic kidney disease, etc.;

2. The vital signs were normal on admission;

3. During the hospitalization, there was no fever, fatigue, pain or any gastrointestinal and respiratory symptoms, including cough, sore throat, diarrhea or vomiting.

Therefore, for asymptomatic patients with COVID-19, detailed epidemiological inquiry and close monitoring are important methods to discover them. So besides that, what other methods can be found?

Academician Wang Chen once replied: "The judgment of asymptomatic infections is mainly based on nucleic acid testing, and there will be antigen testing and antibody testing in the future. These testing methods are effective means to screen asymptomatic infections."

So for now, I hope that everyone will not conceal the itinerary, do not have a fluke, and tell the truth about the relevant information for themselves and for family and friends. In terms of protection, what we can do is to wear masks, maintain good personal hygiene, and not go to places where people gather.

In addition, 20 days after the patient was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia, after receiving comprehensive treatment, the second throat swab and anal swab test results are still positive for the new coronavirus, which indicates that the treatment may be ineffective.

Based on the above, the research team judged that the patient may be a healthy asymptomatic virus carrier. For patients with asymptomatic or mild symptoms, isolation and close observation may be less risky.

In areas with higher risks, local citizens can be encouraged to not go out if they have nothing to do (go out to the province), not to gather, wear masks and keep a safe distance from people when they go out, and perform nucleic acid tests when they come back. Because nucleic acid testing is the core method for the prevention and control of new crowns, it is also an effective way to detect asymptomatic patients with new crowns in advance. The virus preservation solution independently developed and produced by Desheng is the core raw material for nucleic acid testing. If you have any questions, please visit the official website and consult our customer service.