Notes for PRP Injection

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PRP autologous cell regeneration technology is a breakthrough in the field of medical cosmetology, and is also the gospel of the vast number of beauty seekers. Injecting PRP autologous platelet serum for cosmetology can remove wrinkles, eye bags and dark circles, and treat various acne and scars. It is a very popular anti-aging cosmetology method nowadays. PRP is extracted with its own blood, which will not produce side effects and allergic reactions, but there are also some matters needing attention during injection. Let's get to know them together.

Notes for PRP Injection

Population unsuitable for PRP autologous cell regeneration technology:

1. During pregnancy or lactation;

2. Cancer patients;

3. Patients with sepsis, hypokinesia, thrombocytopenia and platelet dysfunction are receiving anticoagulation therapy.

4. Hypofibrinogenemia;

5. Patients with acute or chronic infectious diseases;

6. Patients with a history of chronic liver diseases;

7. Patients with long-term or excessive use of aspirin or vitamin E;

8. History of malignant skin tumors;

9. Too young (younger than 20 years old).

Attentions should be paid when injecting PRP autologous platelet serum for cosmetology:

Depending on the individual's constitution, the degree of swelling on the day of PRP injection will vary, but don't worry, it's a normal phenomenon. Usually, the swelling can be relieved on the day of injection, so it has no effect on daily life. More sensitive parts such as fundus may have needle eyes or cyanosis on the same day. In addition, in order to achieve the best effect of skin regeneration, PRP can be combined with some laser treatment before injection, while after PRP injection, it will take one month for skin laser treatment. Because the serum active growth factor used in PRP injection comes from autologous blood, it is necessary to have good living habits, so as to ensure the quality of serum active growth factor. (The article is from the Internet for reference only, collated by Huishou Business School.)


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