Take you to understand the biochemistry in daily life

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For the biochemical field, many people are relatively unfamiliar, and the inherent impression is usually understood in the news and film and television dramas, such as Resident Evil, biochemical weapons, or where the biochemical factory exploded. At a time when the epidemic is raging around the world, experts and companies in the biochemical field not only protect people's health, but also drive a downturn in the economy.

It is foreseeable that companies in the biochemical field are very promising now and in the future. Hubei Desheng Biochemical is one of them. It is located in Gedian Development Zone, known as the "Medical Valley" in the east of Optics Valley. Due to its unique geographical location, many pharmaceutical companies, biochemical reagent companies, and medical device companies are gathered here. The so-called near-water platform, because of the convenience, mutual cooperation and mutual learning between related enterprises have also provided significant contributions to the development of this region, and laid the foundation for the foothold and development of various enterprises in the biochemical field. However, compared to enterprises, "biochemical" may be more interesting to most people.


After the baptism of the epidemic, even if the public gradually gains a certain understanding of the biochemical field, it is still far from enough. After all, the biochemical theories based on the book may seem boring. For example, many people can't distinguish between medicine and reagents, medical treatment and health care, etc. It is not uncommon to regret paying IQ taxes. In fact, there is also a lot of knowledge in the field of biochemistry in daily life.

The life of our people is nothing more than clothing, food, shelter, and transportation.

Eating is nothing more than doing a starch ripening experiment to cook the rice. After the rice is eaten, it passes through the digestive system of the stomach and intestines through a series of biochemical reactions: the rice is gradually hydrolyzed into glucose under the catalysis of starch hydrolase, and then absorbed into the blood. Provide energy for the body, or convert it into fat to store energy. Therefore, eating too much rice will gain weight.

Eating meat is mainly protein and fat. Barbecued meat is used to denature protein at high temperatures. Although there are also raw salmon, half-raw steaks, and oysters, cooked meat is easier to digest than raw meat. The digestion of meat is the process in which proteins are gradually hydrolyzed into amino acids under the catalysis of proteases. Amino acids can be absorbed to synthesize proteins with different functions (hemoglobin, enzymes, antibodies, etc.). So you can’t rely on what you eat to replenish what you eat. You can’t directly replenish a certain protein when you eat a certain protein.

There is a lot of knowledge related to the biochemical field in daily life. Whether it is firewood, rice, oil, salt or health care, including virus prevention, it is necessary to understand some biochemical common sense. For reagent research and development, biochemical testing, these are left to companies or experts like Desheng, and you are responsible for drinking and eating meat!