Let you find the hidden place of the virus

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Since the emergence of the virus, we have developed the habit of wearing masks and learned to wash our hands scientifically. Unexpectedly, it once again surprised us. In our daily life environment, there are still many polluted areas that need to be taken seriously. If the virus adhering to the surface of the object is touched by hands before eating or rubbing the eyes, it may cause infection.

What have been overlooked by us?

Door handles, mobile phones, telephones, mouse keyboards, light switches, faucet switches, remote control buttons, toilets, etc., are all easily polluted areas that require special attention, which may cause potential indirect transmission risks.

The disinfection for different areas is also different:

Mobile phone, keyboard

After returning home to wash your hands, wipe and clean your phone with a disinfectant wipe. Note that it is a disinfectant wipe, not an ordinary wipe.

Keyboard, mouse, light switch, etc.

You can refer to the cleaning method of the mobile phone and wipe it with a disinfectant wipe.


Use disinfectant for disinfection. The disinfectant can be configured according to the product instructions. When choosing a disinfectant, you should choose a product with a "Sanitation Certificate" license number on the back.


If you have the virus on your hands, turn off the faucet after washing your hands and you will get it again. You should also pay attention to faucet cleanliness while washing your hands.


After using the toilet, you should close the lid and press the flush button. Flush the toilet lid regularly. Wash your hands with hand sanitizer and running water in time after going to the toilet or flushing the toilet.

These are the places that we come into contact with every day but are also the most easily overlooked. Maybe you feel that the virus is very far away from you, but in fact, it might be by your side, ready to move at any time. But we don't need to worry about it all day long, we just need to do some usual sanitation and cleaning work. Although Desheng is only a small company, it also has the hearts of thousands of people. Let us fight against the invasion of viruses and strive to eliminate these viruses that harm our health as soon as possible.