Desheng invites you to attend the 7th In Vitro Diagnostic Industry Development Conference in Nanchang

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The 17th International Laboratory Medicine and Blood Transfusion Instruments and Reagent Expo will be held at Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center from August 21-23, 2020. 1016 in vitro diagnostic companies will participate in the exhibition. The exhibited products include: body fluids, biochemistry, immunity, For all products in the fields of molecules and nucleic acids, microorganisms, POCT, upstream raw materials, Desheng as a high-tech company in the in vitro diagnostic industry, will certainly not be absent.

After 40 years of development, China's IVD industry has formed a relatively complete industrial system and industrial chain. What changes will happen to China's IVD industry after the epidemic? What impact does the epidemic have on the IVD industry? How do companies in the IVD industry face the shortcomings exposed in the epidemic? What opportunities and challenges will companies in the IVD industry face in the future? These questions are believed to be answered satisfactorily in the 7th China IVD Industry Development Conference.

The China IVD Industry Development Conference is committed to covering the entire industry chain R&D, manufacturing, marketing, service, supervision, academics, talents, innovation, new technologies, etc., based on the positioning of the highest development level and the latest development status of China's IVD industry, based on industrial development To promote the development and progress of the in vitro diagnostic industry as its mission, focus on new trends in industrial development, new medical reforms, new business models, business management, capital operations, scientific research, innovation and transformation, and effective integration with international standards, and strive to build China A large academic exchange platform for the collaborative development of the in vitro diagnostic industry, integration, competition and cooperation, and foresight.

In the new era of rapid development of in vitro diagnostics, and under the new situation of reform, this China IVD Industry Development Conference invited famous experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, and regulatory experts to discuss artificial intelligence, industry development, business models, and innovation. Multi-faceted, multi-perspective, multi-professional, multi-level in-depth exchanges and discussions on international frontier dynamics and equipment supervision.

This is a grand event dedicated to people who care about and support the development of the in vitro diagnostic industry. It is a grand event for the wisdom and achievements of all in vitro diagnostic practitioners in China. It is also a grand event for obtaining cutting-edge information and helping enterprises move forward. Desheng sincerely invites you to participate and talk about the bright future of IVD under the new situation!