What is the difference between serum and human plasma?

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Serum is a faint yellow transparent liquid that separates out after our blood coagulates. If the blood is taken out of the blood vessel and put into a test tube, if no anticoagulant is added, the coagulation reaction will be activated and the blood will be It quickly solidified and formed a jelly. After the blood clot shrinks, the light yellow transparent liquid precipitated around it is serum, which can also be obtained by centrifugation after clotting. During the coagulation process, fibrinogen is transformed into fibrin lumps, so there is no fibrinogen in serum, which is the biggest difference from plasma.

In the coagulation reaction, platelets release many substances, and the coagulation factors have also changed. These components remain in the serum and continue to change, such as prothrombin into thrombin, and gradually decrease or even disappear with the storage time of the serum. These are also the differences from plasma. However, a large number of substances that did not participate in the coagulation reaction are basically the same as plasma. The analysis of many chemical components in blood uses serum as a sample.

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Plasma is equivalent to the intercellular substance of connective tissue and an important component of blood. It is a pale yellow liquid (because it contains bilirubin). In the chemical composition of plasma, water accounts for 90-92%, and the solute is mainly plasma protein. Plasma protein is a general term for a variety of proteins, which can be divided into three categories: albumin, globulin and fibrinogen by salting out.

Function of plasma protein

1. Maintain plasma colloidal osmotic pressure; form a blood buffer system, participate in maintaining blood acid-base balance, transport nutrients and metabolites, plasma protein is a hydrocolloid, and many insoluble substances can be combined with it to become easily soluble.

2. Nutritional function, it can decompose the amino acids produced, which can be used to synthesize tissue protein or oxidatively decompose to supply energy

3. Participate in coagulation and immunity. Inorganic salts of plasma mainly exist in ionic state, and the total amount of positive and negative ions are equal, maintaining electrical neutrality. These ions play an important role in maintaining plasma crystal osmotic pressure, acid-base balance, and normal nerve-muscle excitability. The various chemical components of plasma often fluctuate continuously within a certain range. Among them, the concentration of glucose, protein, fat, and hormones is most easily affected by nutritional status and physical activity, while the concentration of inorganic salts has a smaller range. The relatively constant physical and chemical properties of plasma is the primary manifestation of internal environment stability.

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