Health can be judged through blood analysis

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In the field of biochemical testing, blood is the mirror to know well-being. It can be seen that blood testing is one of the important means to check whether the body is healthy.

The blood test usually uses a vacuum blood collection tube to collect blood from the tested object. Different blood collection tubes are pretreated with different additives (heparin, dipotassium EDTA, coagulant, etc.), and then different items are tested, such as coagulation function. , ESR test, blood cell count, blood lipid content, blood sugar content, etc. In response to the epidemic and some other infectious diseases, antibody testing is also done through blood tests.

Blood test

The relation between blood and physical health

Blood is composed of plasma and blood cells. It is closely related to the body's tissues and organs through the circulatory system, participates in various physiological functions, and maintains the body's normal metabolism and internal and external environmental balance. Under pathological conditions, blood system diseases directly affect the blood, and may also involve tissues and organs throughout the body. Diseases of various tissues and organs can also directly or indirectly cause blood changes.

Problems that the blood can respond to

We can use red blood cell count and hemoglobin to observe whether the subject is anemia or postoperative bleeding, white blood cell count and neutral lymphocyte classification to observe whether the subject is infected or to identify the type of infection, and it can also be used to determine the infection of bacteria or viruses; platelets are It is an important indicator of the body's coagulation function; the electrolyte sodium and potassium ion content in plasma can reflect the stable state of circulation; the determination of serum creatinine can be used to diagnose kidney disease, liver and kidney comprehensive functions, etc. There are actually many problems that blood can respond to.

Hematology has now developed into a very large sub-science in the life sciences, involving a wide range of problems and a plethora of books. The invasion of the virus has given me a deep understanding of how sophisticated and complex the human body is, and the blood flowing through the body can be used as a mirror, through which we can understand the complex problems of physical health.