High temperature orange warning is coming, chemical companies should be careful

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After the wedding ceremony of continuous heavy rain some time ago, the real summer finally ushered in. Just today, the Wuhan Central Meteorological Observatory issued a high temperature orange warning signal: It is expected that the highest temperature in most parts of the province will be If it rises above 37°C, and locally reaches 39°C, take precautions. At such a high temperature, the safety precautions of chemical companies seem to be particularly important, so what should be paid attention to?

Monitoring equipment for the storage area of hazardous chemicals is essential

General chemical companies will have special storage places for hazardous chemicals, which are flammable, explosive, and highly corrosive. For hazardous chemicals that are not used immediately, the company should store them in warehouses, according to their types and characteristics. Corresponding monitoring, temperature adjustment, fire prevention, explosion prevention, moisture prevention, anti-static, anti-corrosion, anti-leakage facilities and equipment are set up in the warehouse.

Ventilation equipment must be installed in the storage place of hazardous chemicals, and the equipment must be protected. The ventilation system should be equipped with a grounding device to remove static electricity. The temperature in the building where hazardous chemicals are stored should not be too high. The ventilation pipes, heating pipes and equipment should be made of non-combustible materials. Hazardous chemical storage places should also have communication and alarm devices to promptly report to the police in the event of an accident.

Desheng Enterprise Safety Inspection Work

High-risk installations need to be cooled when exposed to sunlight

Chemical production has the attributes of high temperature, high pressure, flammability, and explosion. Many large high-risk installations and pipe networks are placed outdoors. In summer, the sunshine time is long. Sun exposure can cause the decomposition, vaporization, heat generation and expansion of the flammable and explosive materials in the container and pipelines, and the internal pressure will increase. If measures such as temperature reduction are not taken in time, the device may burst, which may cause an explosion accident in severe cases.

Here are some conventional preventive measures:

1. Strengthen the maintenance of equipment and facilities. Regular maintenance is required to prevent operation with diseases, and it must be inspected by the quality supervision department before it can be put into operation. If it is determined to be scrapped, it must be resolutely discontinued; if it is listed as a monitored operation, a monitoring operation management system must be developed to prevent accidents.

2. Establish and improve the safety management system for the overhaul of equipment and facilities. Develop a strict safety management system for equipment and facility maintenance and a safety operation certificate system, and strengthen the safety management of maintenance operations such as gas, hot fire and equipment operations.

3. Regularly organize inspections, strengthen inspections of key parts, and eliminate hidden dangers in time.

4. Employees must use personal protective equipment correctly, strictly implement various operating procedures, and do not bring fire into the production area.

5. Ensure that the fire-fighting and explosion-proof facilities are intact and available, do not block the fire-fighting passage, and do not arbitrarily modify or misappropriate the fire-fighting or explosion-proof facilities.

All in all, the safety precautions of chemical companies in the hot summer are indispensable. Only when the details of precautions are in place can there be fewer safety hazards. This requires not only the company’s high attention, but also the close cooperation of all employees. Prevention depends on everyone. Desheng Chemical hopes that everyone can start from the source and contribute their own strength to prevent safety accidents.