How to choose high-quality tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane manufacturers

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Trimethylolaminomethane, CAS No. 77-86-1, also commonly known as Tris or tromethamine, also known as tromethamine in the medical field, is an important chemical raw material and is widely used in industrial synthesis , Biochemical testing, pharmaceutical research and development, and other fields are very widely used, so Tris purchased with different needs is different.

Physical and chemical properties of Tris:

English name: Trometamol THAM

Structural formula: NH2C (CH2OH) 3

Molecular weight: 121.14

Appearance: white crystal powder

Solubility: soluble in water and ethanol, the aqueous solution is weakly alkaline, slightly soluble in ethyl acetate and benzene, insoluble in ether and carbon tetrachloride.


Tris' procurement differences in different application industries:

For different application industries, the Tris that need to be purchased are also different:

  1. Industrial synthesis: Due to its simple structure, trimethylolaminomethane itself has a tetrahedral structure with a central carbon atom, contains three hydroxymethyl groups and one amino group, and can carry out various substitutions and redox reactions. It is a high-quality chemical industry. Synthetic raw materials. One method of synthesizing TAPS buffer is to synthesize Tris and 1,3-propane sultone in alcohol. Generally, the purchase of Tris raw materials for industrial synthesis does not require high reagent purity. The focus is on large quantities. It is more cost-effective to find raw material manufacturers with larger production capacity.
  2. Biochemical detection: Tris is usually used as a biological buffer to maintain the pH value of the biochemical reaction. Because it is weakly alkaline, it is usually used together with acid. The most commonly used are Tris-hydrochloric acid, Tris-phosphate, Tris-acetic acid+EDTA, Tris-boric acid+EDTA, Tris-glycine and so on. Mainly used for buffers for nucleic acid and protein solubilization, Western blotting electrophoresis buffer, Southern blot experiment buffer, DNA agarose gel electrophoresis buffer, etc. There are usually enzymes, proteins and various antibodies in the reaction system, and the requirements for buffers are relatively high. Therefore, when purchasing, you need to select a manufacturer of refined products. High purity and few impurities can ensure the accuracy of biochemical experiments. This type of buffer has a large temperature effect and is easy to absorb carbon dioxide in the air. It needs to be paid attention to when used.
  3. Pharmaceutical research and development: tromethamine is an amino buffer base that does not contain sodium. It reacts with H2CO3 in body fluids to reduce H2CO3, and at the same time produces HCO32-, which can absorb hydrogen ions and correct acidemia. , And can penetrate the cell membrane, commonly used in acute metabolic and respiratory acidemia; as an alkaline drug, used to correct acidosis, and will not cause increased carbon dioxide retention. Since it is used in pharmaceuticals, the entire production raw material source, production process route, product purity, and impurity ion content of Tris are strictly required. Procurement of this type of products must be very strict and cautious, and must undergo strict testing.

In addition to considering the application direction, the procurement of Tris sometimes needs to consider its preparation process, but the current domestic situation is not only used in pharmaceuticals, but other fields mainly require purity and impurities. The trimethylolaminomethane produced by Desheng is mainly used in the field of biochemical reagents and chemical synthesis, and the quality and price are very ideal.