Carbomer skin care gel DIY you can also!

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Cosmetics have become a necessity in our lives. In this era when the value of justice is justice and the three views follow the five senses, there is no distinction between a crush and a handsome guy. The live broadcast giants Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi are also the first to bring cosmetics. Heavy, the tariffs on cosmetics are as high as 150% or even 200%, so I came to DIY carbomer gel skin care products.

First, let's make 2% carbomer gel. Usually only 0.5% carbomer is needed to make a gel with good appearance and texture. When using it, just dilute the gel with high concentration prepared in advance. That's it. You can make several different skin care products by diluting a few more.

1. Preparation materials: Carbomer 2g, ultrapure water 98mL, a few drops of triethanolamine (hypotriethanol), antibacterial agent 0.5mL, and stirring rod, measuring cup, pH test paper or pH meter, empty jar.

2. Add carbomer powder and water to a clean empty jar, stir quickly and dissolve evenly. If there are local lumps and crush with a stir bar, you can leave a little water to add after adding antibacterial agent after gel formation. Stir well and let stand until the carbomer is fully swollen with water and no lumps can be seen.

Carbomer gel and powder

3. It takes 2-3 hours for the gel to fully swell to form, and it can be shortened to 10-30 minutes by heating and stirring in a water bath.

4. Neutralize with alkali, slowly add triethanolamine drop by drop with a dropper, and measure the pH value with a pH test paper while stirring. At pH=7, a carbomer transparent gel is made. This is the key here. It is best to start by measuring the pH value for each drop, and it will be easier if you have experience later.

5. If there is any remaining water, add all of it, and finally add antibacterial agent, stir well, and the gel is done. Finally, mix various skin care gels directly with other ingredients to control the carbomer concentration within 0.8%, usually about 0.5%. Hyaluronic acid, hydrosol, essential oil, and a small amount of preservatives can be added as appropriate.


Carbomer is easy to absorb moisture, swells rapidly in water but does not dissolve. It is acidic at pH 2.5-3.5 and has low viscosity. After neutralization with alkali, the macromolecule dissolves and the viscosity rises. As the concentration increases, a transparent gel forms, which is nearly neutral Sometimes there is maximum viscosity and consistency. Neutralize 1g of carbomer to about 1.35g of triethanolamine, with a maximum concentration of 2.5%. Avoid using it with nitrosating agents. Avoid combination with formaldehyde-containing preservatives, which may cause skin irritation or allergies. Do not add acidic salt, VC, acidic lemonade, vinegar, it will thin the carbomer gel.

In fact, DIY carbomer gel skin care products are not difficult. I use carbomers from Desheng. I suggest you use carbomers with better quality even if you don’t use carbomers from Lubrizol. If the second DIY skin care product fails, you may not have the courage to try again in the future. Finally, it is recommended that if the crushes are not confident, the first skin care gel can be tried for boyfriend, husband or girlfriend.