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According to the National Health and Health Commission's interpretation of the "New Coronary Pneumonia Virus Prevention and Control Plan (Sixth Edition)", one of the factors that cause false negatives in nucleic acid testing is the storage and transportation of samples. "New Coronavirus COVID-19" and other pathogenic factors Similar to RNA viruses, RNA nucleic acids are one of the most difficult biomolecules due to self-degradation and biological enzyme-mediated degradation. How samples are stored is usually the key factor that determines the quality of RNA virus samples.

The currently used Virus Transport Media almost always save live virus directly, increasing the infection risk of medical staff and the "false negatives" of nucleic acid detection. Desheng has developed an inactivated virus delivery media that uses chemical inactivation ingredients to kill at room temperature Adding RNA protection agent to live virus can not only preserve the integrity of virus nucleic acid, but also prevent the degradation of samples before testing, and increase the positive detection rate. It can also improve the safety of the angel in white during the collection and transportation process.

Virus Transport Media (left: non-inactivated type right: inactivated type)

1. Principle:

It is used to inactivate virus samples, directly cleave the virus to release nucleic acids, eliminate nucleic acid degrading enzymes (RNase), and make the virus lose its ability to infect, cause disease, and reproduce, but does not affect the primary structure of viral proteins.

2. Main ingredients

Because it is based on the preparation of accounting lysate, the main components are guanidine hydrochloride, EDTA, TRIS and other reagents, adding inactivator and RNA protection agent. The virus delivery medium fully mixes the collected sample with the virus lysate and virus nucleic acid preservation solution to achieve the inactivation of the virus in the sample, while effectively ensuring the integrity of the virus nucleic acid in the sample. The collected specimen can be stored at room temperature Transport and long-term storage under conditions. The stored viral RNA samples can be widely used in genetic testing, enzyme-linked immunoassay (ELISA), PCR testing, etc.

3. Product features

The pathogen can be instantly cleaved to release the nucleic acid, and the protective agent can prevent the nucleic acid from being degraded.

Hubei new Desheng was established in 2017. It was built on the basis of Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. (2005)

A new technology-based enterprise established. It is specialized in the research, development, production and sales of blood collection tube additives and blood test reagents. The Virus Transport Media developed and produced is divided into inactivated and non-inactivated types. There are many long-growth phenomena in the non-inactivated Virus Transport Media on the market. Desheng has carried out many experiments on this phenomenon technically, targeting colonies. Strict control is carried out, so our products will not grow bacteria.