The Use of EDTA

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1. Use of EDTA anticoagulant tube for vacuum blood vessel collection: It is used for clinical hematology test and suitable for various types of blood cell analysis. The inner wall of the blood vessel was sprayed with anti-hanging agents, and anticoagulant was added at the same time. EDTA anticoagulant has little effect on the agglutination of blood cells and cell morphology, and can inhibit platelet aggregation. Vascular harvesting is widely used in clinical hematology examination and suitable for various blood cell analyzers. It provides a comprehensive and meticulous protection scheme for blood cells, especially the use of biomimetic membrane treatment technology to effectively prevent platelet aggregation and activation, prevent coagulation, and protect the shape and volume of blood cells in a longer period of time. EDTA anticoagulant tube


2. Specification and characteristics of disposable vacuum blood collection: color standard: purple specification: 12 *75 mm 12 *100 mm routine blood collection: 2 ml 3 ml 4 ml 5 ml additives: EDTA-K2, EDTA-K3 operating environment temperature: 0-37 C material: glass maximum vacuum error (+10%).

3. Notices for vacuum blood vessel harvesting:

1. Immediately after blood collection, 180 degrees were gently inverted and blended for 5-6 times.

2. When collecting blood, please take enough blood to ensure the accuracy of the test results.

3. Remaining vacuum in the tube should be cleared if the blood collection can not reach the prescribed amount.

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