What kind of blood coagulant is good for coagulation?

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Blood coagulant is one of the core additives in vacuum blood collection tubes. The quality of the coagulant directly affects the coagulation effect of the separation gel-promoting tube, and the amount of use is large, the technical requirements are high, and the technical performance is very critical. It represents the true technical level of the enterprise in the vacuum blood collection tube industry, so it is very important to choose the appropriate coagulant.

There are many different types of blood coagulants, their respective coagulation efficiency and coagulation effect are also different, and the metering use is also different. If the concentration is too high, it will cause hemolysis, if it is too low, the coagulation effect is poor. In general, there are mainly the following types Types of:

Accelerator powder

1. coagulation-activating enzyme coagulant

This is a biological coagulant. The principle of blood coagulation is to coagulate the blood plasma first, and then drive the blood cells to coagulate. The fibrin traps the blood cells to make the blood clot coagulate. The blood clotting speed is very fast, but the blood clot contraction is not very ideal. It exists in the form of loose flow. Because thrombin is an enzyme preparation, it has the characteristics of all enzymes, it is not easy to preserve, and it may be inactivated in special cases. It is greatly affected by temperature in winter, and its activity decreases at low temperatures, and the coagulation time needs to be appropriately extended.

2. Rabbit brain powder coagulant

This is also a biological coagulant. The principle of coagulation is similar to that of thrombin. It is also affected by temperature. The advantage is that at the appropriate temperature, the coagulation rate is very fast.

3. Inorganic accelerator

Its main components are silica powder, kaolin, quartz powder, diatomaceous earth, glass powder, etc. The main role of which is the contained component silica. The content of silica in different products is also different, so the coagulation activity is also different. Compared with the biological type of coagulant, the inorganic type has a slower coagulation rate, and there is a possibility of secondary precipitation of fibrin when it is not operated properly. Silica can activate the body's internal and external coagulation systems, start waterfall coagulation reactions, and act on platelet coagulation factors. The quality of this type of coagulation depends on the formula of each manufacturer.

4. Lectin accelerator

This is a comprehensive coagulant. Lectin is a protein with gelling characteristics, which reacts with blood antigens to cause red blood cells to aggregate.

In the current market environment, whether it is a hospital or a blood collection tube enterprise, the standard for judging the quality of the coagulant is the speed of clotting time. It is believed that the faster the clotting time, the better. From the perspective of economic benefits, it is indeed valuable, but In fact, this is a misunderstanding. The coagulation of the blood itself requires 13 kinds of coagulation factors to be activated one after another, and finally fibrinogen is converted into a network structure to fix the blood cells to make the blood coagulate. The coagulant only provides the material for blood coagulation. The coagulation process takes 6-10 minutes segment.

In the field of blood collection tube additives, Desheng has 15 years of experience, and the production of coagulant has also been improved many times. The coagulation effect has been recognized by more and more companies at home and abroad. It is recommended that everyone use blood coagulant according to different types Operate according to the corresponding requirements, so that the coagulation effect will be better.