How much does the coagulant in the blood pump cost per bottle

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In the clinical blood collection process, a coagulation promoting tube is a commonly used test tube used to collect blood samples and promote their rapid coagulation, thereby protecting the integrity and stability of the blood samples. However, the price of coagulants varies due to various factors such as brand, quality, specifications, and market demand. Even for the same brand and manufacturer, there are significant differences in price due to different specifications of coagulants. How much does it really cost? Let's take a look together.

Efficient coagulation promoting powder


The price composition and influencing factors of coagulants


The price of coagulants is not determined by a single factor, but is influenced by multiple factors:


Brand and quality are important determinants of price. Famous brands usually have higher levels of technology and stricter quality control, and their product prices are often relatively high.


2. Specifications and packaging can also have an impact on prices. The production cost and market demand of coagulants with different specifications and packaging may vary, resulting in price differences.


3. The market supply and demand relationship is also a key factor in determining prices. When market demand exceeds supply, prices often rise; On the contrary, when there is an oversupply, prices may decrease.


Price range of different types of coagulants


There are currently various types of coagulants on the market, and their prices vary:


1. Liquid coagulant: Liquid coagulant is a white suspended liquid with fast coagulation speed and high coagulation efficiency, but it is generally cheaper than coagulant powder. Generally speaking, the price of a 1L bottle of liquid coagulant may vary from a few hundred yuan, and the specific price depends on factors such as brand, quality, and market demand.


2. Coagulation promoting powder: It is a solid powder that usually has a longer shelf life and better stability, and is more effective than liquid coagulants. It has a faster coagulation speed, and of course, its price is much higher than that of liquid coagulants. Generally, a 1kg specification of coagulation promoting powder may cost thousands of yuan. However, sometimes there may be price adjustments due to the manufacturer's reasons.


Precautions when purchasing coagulants


When purchasing a coagulant for blood pumping, in addition to paying attention to price factors, the following points should also be noted:


1. Understanding product characteristics: Before purchasing, it is important to fully understand the product's characteristics, usage, specifications, and shelf life to ensure that the selected product meets actual needs.


2. Choose legitimate channels: It is recommended to choose legitimate device distributors or purchase directly from manufacturers to ensure product quality and after-sales service.


3. Pay attention to the expiration date: Coagulants usually have a shelf life. When purchasing, it is important to check the production date of the product to avoid purchasing expired products.


4. Comparative cost-effectiveness: When purchasing, factors such as price, quality, brand, and service should be comprehensively considered to choose products with high cost-effectiveness.


How to use the coagulant in the coagulation promoting tube


When using the coagulant in the coagulation promoting tube, it is necessary to follow the correct operating steps:


1. Preparation: Prepare the coagulation promoting tube and coagulant in advance, which can be added by machine or manual method. During the addition process, it is necessary to continuously stir to maintain the uniformity of the suspension. The stirring speed can be adjusted according to the actual situation.


2. After adding, the accelerator needs to be dried. Non organic solvent accelerators do not need to be dried, and the hot air drying temperature is around 40-80 degrees. The price of coagulants in blood vessels is influenced by various factors, including brand, quality, specifications, and market demand. When choosing coagulants, buyers should consider these factors comprehensively.


Product packaging


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