Is the blood type of blood testing really related to personality?

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Is the blood type of blood testing really related to personality?
Here are the characteristics of different blood types and personality analysis and blood type personality. Deciphering blood type and personality are related. There are many substances and phenomena in human beings that are not revealed. Blood type is one of them. Blood is born with us, so blood type is a genetic material, parents decide our blood type, and blood type determines our character. Familiar with understanding blood type and scientific use of blood type can help us properly handle some problems in life.
Hippocrates, the father of ancient Greek medicine, once said that qi and body fluids are said (the body has four kinds of body fluids such as blood, mucus, yellow bile and black bile. The degree of mixing with each other determines the temperament, so he divides human temperament into four categories. : more bloody (cheerful), yellow bile (sexual), black bile (depression), mucus (slow). In the early 20th century, body fluids have long been abandoned by modern medicine. There are many kinds of blood. There are also many Rare blood type.
It has a similar concept to the constellation personality. Different blood types to represent certain differences in personality.
The blood type was discovered in 1902 by the Karl G. Steiner, a pathologist at the University of Vienna in Austria. He found that the reason for the failure of blood transfusion was that some people's serum caused red blood cell agglutination in others, but this did not happen in some combinations. Later, he and his students discovered four blood types: Type A, Type B, Type O, and Type AB. Thanks to this discovery, Rant Steiner won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1930. This major medical discovery was later abused as a reason to support racism.
Later, a Japanese who received a degree in philosophy from the University of Tokyo graduated to the Tokyo Women's Higher Normal School (now Ochanomizu Women's University) as a lecturer. During this period, he surveyed 1,245 subjects and published a series of papers entitled "Study on Blood Type and Personality" in the journal Psychological Research in 1927.
With the defeat of Japan, this blood type fanaticism has gradually subsided. In 1971, a Japanese journalist wrote a book entitled "Understanding the fate with blood type" and once again set off a blood type craze.
Subsequently, the world has also launched a variety of research on blood types and personality. In 2002, 2003, and 2005, three papers published in the famous psychology journal "Personality and Individual Differences" used the Big Five Personality Test (NEO-PI), and no blood type and personality were found. Related. The Five Factor Model is a personality theory that is generally recognized by the psychology community and is supported by empirical research.
Of course, research on blood and personality is not over yet. It is also impossible to completely deny the blood type personality theory, so exploring the secrets of human character from the blood type is still a research topic of some scientists. It is clear that the blood type of ABO was discovered by pathologists, and the theory of blood type personality was proposed by Japanese lecturers of philosophy, followed by books by Japanese journalists and Korean dramas. The blood type is derived from congenital inheritance. If the personality can be determined, it means that the personality is determined by genetics. However, the study found that only 30% to 40% of people's personality can be related to heredity, while 60% to 70% are related to the learning and environmental effects of the day after tomorrow. In other words, personality is more determined by acquired factors.
In fact, this question is similar to the birth of a character, the constellation and character are similar, but this brings a scientific hat,
Blood type is indeed one of the characteristics of human beings, which is more real than the Zodiac constellation. Whether blood type and personality are related is inconclusive, but many people want it to be relevant. For example, if weight loss is related to blood, if it is a small fat man, do you want him to be related? But then again, I don’t believe in the constellation. When I am dating, I will still ask the constellation. I will never discuss the way of governing the country, scientific theory! ---Desheng Biochemical Technology