Acquiring the cosmetic raw material submission code for tromethamine

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In the cosmetics industry, the selection and use of raw materials are directly related to the quality and safety of products. As a chemical reagent manufacturer, Desheng is well aware that every raw material must undergo strict evaluation and review to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and standards. As a common cosmetic raw material, tromethamine has successfully applied for a submission code in its application by Desheng.



Tromethamine powder


What is the cosmetic ingredient submission code


The cosmetic ingredient submission code is a specific identifier or code used to identify and track ingredients in cosmetics. It is issued by relevant national departments and is the product of safety assessment, compliance review, and filing of raw materials. This submission code contains basic information about the raw materials, safety assessment results, manufacturer information, etc. It is a necessary voucher for the use and sale of raw materials in cosmetics. Holding a cosmetic raw material submission code means that the raw material has been reviewed and filed by relevant national departments, and can be used legally and safely in cosmetics.


The application of tromethamine in cosmetics


1. Moisturizing effect: Aminobutanol is applied to skincare products, which can absorb and retain moisture, providing long-lasting moisturizing effects for the skin. By combining with the moisture on the surface of the skin, a protective film is formed to prevent water loss and keep the skin hydrated.


2. Adjusting pH value: Aminobutanol has a certain buffering ability and can adjust the pH value of cosmetics to better meet the physiological needs of the skin. A suitable pH value helps to maintain the acid-base balance of the skin, inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms, and protect skin health.


3. Improving product texture: Aminobutanol can also be used as a solvent in cosmetics to improve product texture and stability. It can be well compatible with other raw materials, making the product more uniform, easy to apply and absorb.


The benefits of obtaining the submission code for aminobutanol cosmetic raw materials


1. Compliance and Legal Protection: The cosmetic raw material submission code is a product obtained by relevant national departments after reviewing and filing the raw materials. Holding this submission code means that the use of tromethamine raw materials in cosmetics is legal and compliant, and is protected by law.


2. Confirmation of safety: The acquisition of the submission code indicates that the raw material has passed the safety assessment of relevant national departments, and its use will not pose a threat to consumer health, providing safety protection for consumers.


3. Market Access and Competitiveness: Raw materials holding cosmetic raw material submission codes are more easily accepted and adopted by cosmetic manufacturers, thereby entering the market and helping raw material suppliers expand market share and enhance competitiveness.


4. Promoting information exchange: The submission code contains detailed information about the raw materials, such as chemical properties, safety assessment results, etc., which helps manufacturers, research and development personnel, and regulatory authorities to better understand the raw materials and make wiser decisions.


5. Promoting industry standardization: The existence of cosmetic raw material submission codes has promoted the standardization of the entire cosmetic industry. Through unified standards and processes, it is possible to ensure that the quality of cosmetics in the market is more stable and reliable.



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Acquiring the submission code for cosmetic raw materials, tromethamine has been widely used in cosmetics due to its excellent properties and versatility. As a manufacturer of bio buffering agents such as tromethamine, Desheng has obtained a cosmetic submission code, which is not only a requirement for regulatory compliance, but also a manifestation of its responsibility for customer safety. At present, there is stock available for sale in the warehouse at a cheap price. If you have any relevant intentions, please click on the website to inquire about details and purchase!