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Carbomer 940 is a polyacrylic acid polymer. The compound usually appears in the form of white powder with a slight odor. It has extremely short rheology, high transparency and high suspending performance. It can be used as an emulsifier to prepare moisturizing creams and emulsions. , Cleansing products, sunscreen products, non-alcoholic perfumes, fragrance hair conditioners (enhanced gloss, easy to comb), hand washing, low consistency sprayable emulsions and transparent microemulsions.


Affected by the epidemic, the hand sanitizers and disposable hand sanitizers in major shopping malls have been sold out. It is really in short supply. Since carbomer 940 is an important component in hand sanitizer, carbomer 940 was elected as a deserved candidate. Popular products in the market. However, domestic demand is too large, many manufacturers have tight supply of raw materials or too many orders, and the order arrangement period is too full to meet the needs of suppliers. How can Desheng as one of the carbomer 940 manufacturers quickly attract customers, And become a firm choice for customers?

For one, Desheng focused on product research and development. In fact, as early as October 2019, small quantities of carbomers were trial-produced. At that time, demand was not as large as it is now. As a result, due to the severe impact of the epidemic, the company's main products were unfortunately affected. In the face of difficulties, Desheng was not in danger and quickly adjusted the company's development direction. A professional R&D team for Carbomer series products was established. After more than two months of continuous testing and inspection, Carbomer made a major breakthrough. The carbomer produced by R&D has high light transmittance, good suspendability, and viscosity range reaching the international brand parameter standard.

Second, Desheng pays attention to product quality and customer needs. In the case of carbomere shortage, Desheng can provide customers with free sample trials to ensure that customers negotiate the next procurement matters without problems, which saves customers time in purchasing. At the same time, it solves customers' concerns about quality.

The impact of the epidemic on domestic and foreign markets cannot be underestimated. Many biological reagent manufacturers have closed down. Desheng did not give up in difficult times. It seriously considered the company's development direction and expanded its business development. The carbomer series products developed and produced by the company have good looseness. Once launched It has become a firm choice for customers to obtain unanimous praise from customers, and can also provide nucleic acid detection raw material virus preservation solution. If necessary, please call for detailed consultation.