Virus Transport Media - Core Material for Nucleic Acid Detection

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2020 is a difficult year for all, but also the most arduous year for the majority of medical staff.In 2020, it was called the "Year of Disaster" by the whole nation, and the culprit was the new coronavirus.Novel highly infectious coronaviruses are in a turbulent situation. At present, more than 4 million cases of new coronavirus pneumonia have been diagnosed worldwide, nearly 5 million cases, and the data are still increasing. The epidemic situation abroad is very serious.Virus detection has become the key to the prevention and control of new coronavirus worldwide, and is the premise to control the spread of the epidemic.

Virus transport media (inactivated and activated)

Detection methods of new coronavirus include nucleic acid detection (RT-PCR) method and antibody detection, etc. Nucleic acid detection is a direct detection of viral nucleic acid in collected samples, with relatively high sensitivity, and is the main detection method for the diagnosis of new coronapneumonia at present.Antibody detection is the detection of antibody level in human blood, including colloidal gold method and magnetic particle chemiluminescence method. Among them, colloidal gold method has an average detection time of about 15 minutes, which has the characteristics of simple and rapid operation. It is used for auxiliary diagnosis of cases with negative nucleic acid detection, and can also screen cases.

Nucleic acid detection is the mainstream method to confirm the diagnosis of new coronavirus, and the core of detection is virus transport media.Nowadays, the common virus transport media in the market are divided into two categories, one is inactivated virus transport media, the other is activated virus transport media. The color of inactivated virus transport meida is transparent. It is characterized by killing viruses and retaining nucleic acid fragments. It is generally used to detect new coronavirus, influenza virus, hand, foot and mouth virus and other common virus samples for collection, preservation and transportation.Pharyngeal swabs, nasal swabs or tissue samples from specific sites can be collected, and stored samples can be used for subsequent clinical experiments such as nucleic acid extraction or purification.Activated virus transport meida does not contain lysate, which can retain the activity and integrity of pathogens. The color is pink. It is mainly used in the culture and propagation of viruses to make the test results more accurate.

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