What testing items can the new Trinder's reagent TOOS be used for

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The new Trinder's reagent TOOS is an efficient and highly sensitive chemical reagent suitable for many detection projects. TOOS is widely used in various fields due to its unique way of detecting hydroxides and peroxides. The following will provide a detailed introduction to the detection items in which TOOS reagents can play a role.

TOOS reagent powder

Applicable testing items for TOOS

1. TOOS reagent is often used to detect nitrite in urine. Nitrite is a kind of Carcinogen, its content exceeding a certain range will cause harm to human health. Using TOOS reagent can detect the nitrite content in urine, so as to find possible health problems in time.

2. TOOS reagents can also be used to detect oxidative stress indicators in serum. Oxidative stress is a physiological phenomenon that occurs in the body, and excessive oxidative stress can cause various harm to the human body. Therefore, monitoring oxidative stress in serum is very important. The use of TOOS reagents can determine oxidative stress indicators in serum, providing effective data for doctors and researchers.

3. TOOS reagents can also be used to detect protein content in body fluids. Protein is one of the most fundamental components of the life system and plays a crucial role in human health. The use of TOOS reagents can determine the protein content in body fluids, thereby understanding the metabolic status inside the human body and providing a data basis for related testing.

4. TOOS reagents can also be applied in fields such as hemoglobin detection, antioxidant determination, and chemiluminescence. The TOOS reagent itself has high reactivity and stability, which can ensure the accuracy and scientificity of the experiment.

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