Where are the packaging manufacturers for EDTA potassium dioxide 100g?

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EDTA potassium, as an essential reagent in clinical blood collection, has a wide range of raw material distributors throughout the market. There are many product specifications and types to choose from, but finding a manufacturer that meets the requirements and has high cost-effectiveness is not an easy task. Recently, many customers have been very concerned about the packaging specifications of EDTA potassium, so Desheng will provide a detailed introduction to the packaging and supply of EDTA potassium.

1、 EDTA potassium packaging specifications

At present, there are various packaging specifications of EDTA potassium in the market, such as 100g, 500g, and 25kg. However, due to the small quantity of 100g, few manufacturers can customize it for customers alone, which makes some people very worried and unable to buy products with money. The packaging specifications of EDTA potassium dioxide produced by Desheng are mostly 500g bottles and 25kg barrels, and they are mainly supplied in bulk. However, there is no need to worry, it can provide customized services. Although the 100g quantity is too small, if customers are in urgent need and can continue to book, Desheng can also serve them.

2、 EDTA can provide free samples

In terms of packaging specifications, we can provide a satisfactory answer, which can also reassure everyone about performance. The main content of EDTA potassium produced by Desheng is over 99%, which is of analytical purity. It not only has high solubility in water, but also has strong experimental stability. If you are not confident in using it, you can also apply for sample testing according to experimental requirements, and purchase in batches after passing the test, completely solving the problem of products not meeting experimental requirements.

3、 Strong supply capacity of EDTA potassium dioxide

In addition to packaging and performance, what needs to be ensured is supply capacity. If the supply is insufficient, even if we choose to cooperate, there will be unnecessary trouble in the later stage. And Desheng has production capacity, advanced production equipment and lines, as well as stable process technology and large warehouses. Its daily production can reach tons or more, and regardless of the customer's order quantity, it can provide timely and fast supply, continuously without any shortage of goods, without any worry of shortage.

As an experienced supplier of blood vessel additive raw materials, Desheng offers a wide range of product types that can meet different experimental requirements. It also has a professional quality and testing department, which ensures that each batch of products is produced and tested immediately to ensure qualified quality before being sold. Nowadays, it has served a large number of domestic and foreign customers with a high repurchase rate. If you are interested, please click on the website to inquire and purchase!