Carbomer 690 Applications and Recommendations

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Carbomer 690 produced by Desheng is a white fluffy powder, which can be absorbed and expanded in solution to form a network microgel structure to control the rheological properties of the product, so it has high viscosity in aqueous or hydroalcoholic solutions. Excellent characteristics of high transparency and high suspension. Carbomer 690 is often used in various industries as a thickening agent, dispersing agent, suspending agent and emulsifier. This article mainly discusses the application of Carbomer 690 and some suggestions from Desheng on the use of Carbomer 690.

Carbomer 690

Carbomer 690 is a non-mold, non-toxic and non-irritating raw material, and its viscosity can be adjusted. It can be used in cosmetics and skin care products to improve its rheology and transparency, and make its texture better. It is often used with moisturizing creams and concealers. Use; excellent thickening properties make Carbomer 690 suitable for neutral inks to improve the writing performance of inks; in the thickening system of coatings, environment-friendly coatings can be configured; use Carbomer 690 for one-time use sex gel, making it more convenient and durable than regular liquids.

When choosing and using carbomer, Desheng recommends paying attention to the different consistency, viscosity and rheology of each model of carbomer. When purchasing carbomer, you should choose the correct carbomer according to the type of product and the desired effect. Bohm model. When using Carbomer 690, it should be stirred at low speed during cold preparation to prevent the product from foaming due to the introduction of air. Also avoid contact with metallic iron or other transition metals, which can degrade Carbomer 690. And Carbomer 690 cannot be in contact with strong alkaline substances, otherwise it will generate a lot of heat. The viscosity of Carbomer 690 will change due to the influence of external force. Such as strong shearing for a long time, the longer the shearing time, the thinner the polymer of Carbomer 690, the viscosity will be weakened or even no viscosity; when storing Carbomer 690, also avoid direct sunlight, because ultraviolet radiation will damage the card Bohm's viscosity.

As the manufacturer of Carbomer 690, Hubei Xindesheng strictly controls all production links, and strictly controls the products after production, to ensure that the products delivered to customers are of good character, stable performance, and meet customer requirements. Welcome customers to come to request sample testing.