What are the classifications of biological buffers?

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Biological buffer is a necessary substance to adjust the pH value. It has a wide range of use because there are many types of it. Each buffer has a different range of use, as well as advantages and disadvantages. There are dozens of products. Due to the diversity of types, non-professionals may be foolish enough to distinguish them. The following editor has compiled a simple classification of biological buffers by category. Let's take a look.

1. Phosphate buffer

Phosphate buffer has a wide range of pH, so it can be used in a wide range. It can be configured as a buffer solution ranging from acid to alkali or neutral. Its advantage is that it is easy to make various concentrations; pH is less affected by temperature ; PH range is wide. The disadvantage is that the common calcium, magnesium and heavy metal ions are prone to precipitation; some biochemical processes are inhibited.

2. TRIS buffer

Tris buffer has a wide range of applications in biochemical research, it is a weak base, usually used in the neutral range, and Tris has a variety of derivatized buffers. They are TBS, TBST, TE, TAE, TBE, TBS, TBST. Because Tris is more basic, it is possible to use only this buffer system to configure a wide range of pH buffers ranging from acid to alkali.

3. Good's buffer

Good's buffer is a buffer system specially used for life science research. There are more than two dozen buffers in this system. They have the same advantages and do not participate in interfering with the biochemical reaction process; small salt effect; high solubility in water; The cell membrane is impermeable. Therefore, they are mainly used for research work on organelles and highly volatile, pH-sensitive proteins and enzymes.

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