CAPS buffer-a rising star in new coatings

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The full name of CAPS is 3-(cyclohexylamine)-1-propanesulfonic acid, which is a biological buffer, which is widely used in biochemical testing and kits. Seeing this title is a bit puzzled, the cross-border between the biochemical field and the industrial field is too large, and what relationship CAPS can have with new coatings. This article tells you how CAPS (3-(cyclohexylamine)-1-propanesulfonic acid) excels in coatings.

CAPS buffer

Traditional coating technology has become popular since the 1960s. It has changed the aesthetics of buildings to a certain extent. However, with the development of society and people’s needs, traditional coating technology cannot be used and environmentally friendly. The standards required so far have been greatly improved in recent years with technological reforms, but after using on the wall, the process of waiting for the paint to dry is very long, and it takes a lot of time. Wait for it to dry.

And it also has a problem, that is, it is very hydrophilic, so even if it takes time to dry it slowly, once the water penetrates, it absorbs water again. Without a good drying environment, it is easy to cause wall damage. After research, it was found that polyisocyanate after adding CAPS can change these shortcomings.

CAPS and aliphatic polyisocyanate are neutralized with tertiary amine under mild conditions to produce a sulfonic acid urea derivative emulsifier. The original characteristics of aliphatic polyisocyanates are changed by CAPS. The two are mixed together to form a stable, non-turbid, and well-dispersible emulsion in water. The coating obtained after neutralization with tertiary amine is dry and cured. And the durability is better than traditional paint.

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