Can the virus transporattion medium be used for the detection of Delta mutant strains?

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With a new round of epidemics in many places across the country, nucleic acid tests for all employees in Nanjing, Yangzhou, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and other places are also in full swing, and the demand for related consumables such as virus transporattion mediums continues to rise. We know that it is used For the detection of viral nucleic acid, can it be used for the detection of delta mutant strains?

Can the virus transporattion medium be used for Delta strain detection?

According to reports, the culprit of the second round of the epidemic is officially this mutant strain of the new coronavirus called "Delta", which has a reduced effect on the effectiveness of the current vaccine. The virus transporattion medium is mainly used for nucleic acid testing. The purpose is to find patients infected with the virus through screening. At this step, it is not yet possible to confirm whether the infected person is a Delta strain, but it can only be judged whether it is positive.

The Delta virus strain was first discovered in India and has now become popular all over the world. It has a short incubation period, rapid spread, and high viral load. It can reduce the effectiveness of vaccines and antibodies to form immune escape, which is very difficult to prevent and control. Therefore, we must not only check whether it is positive through the nucleic acid test, but also determine whether it is a delta.

Inactivated virus transporattion medium cannot be used for delta strain detection

When nucleic acid is detected, it is detected by PCR amplification method, only the ribonucleic acid RNA of the virus is needed. The virus transporattion medium used will inactivate the virus, release the virus protein and retain the virus nucleic acid for PCR; and the Delta strain The test requires the isolation and purification of the complete virus strain, so the swab samples stored in this virus transporattion medium cannot be used for subsequent strain detection.

After the diagnosis is confirmed by nucleic acid testing, you can use a sampling tube with non-inactivated virus transporattion medium to resample, or directly take the patient’s alveolar lavage fluid, then dilute the specimen, centrifuge and take the supernatant, inoculate it in VeroE6 cells, and then pass After adsorption culture, nutrient solution addition, incubation and centrifugation, the virus separation solution is obtained. The isolated virus strain can be analyzed by further sequencing and other tests to know whether it is a delta mutant strain.

In large-scale nucleic acid testing, virus transporattion mediums and other related consumables play a pivotal role. On the other hand, isolation and purification of complete virus strains and detection of mutant strains are also an important part of epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic work. According to market demand and its own situation, Desheng has made large-scale improvements in the production and supply of virus transporattion mediums.