How to use serum separating gel and coagulant in blood collection tube

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Serum separation gel and coagulant are commonly used additives in blood collection tubes. They are present in the tubes used for blood collection during blood testing in hospitals. The kind of tube we saw in the hospital is actually a finished tube with reagents already added, which can be used directly. Many people know more or less about these two reagents, but don't know how they are added and used. Next, let's take a look at their specific steps.

Separation gel coagulant blood collection tube specimen

Reagent adding steps:

1. Inject the serum separating gel into the empty tube of the prepared blood collection tube;

2. Put the blood collection tube into which the serum separating gel has been injected into the centrifuge and centrifuge for 2 minutes;

3. Take out the blood collection tube after centrifugation, spray and smear the coagulant evenly on the tube wall;

4. Put the coagulant-coated tube into a drying oven or drying room for drying, the temperature is about 40C, and the time is subject to thorough drying;

5. Take out the dried tube and cover the tube cover, and then evacuate the tube to obtain the required finished additive blood collection tube.

Use steps of serum separation gel coagulant blood collection tube:

1. Immediately after blood collection, gently shake the blood collection tube 4 to 5 times to mix the specimen;

2. Leave the blood sample to wait for coagulation;

3. Put the solidified specimen in a centrifuge and centrifuge for 10 minutes;

4. Take out the serum sample from which the serum and blood clot are completely separated by the separating gel, and then you can directly test it on the machine.

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