Carbomer 940-Aesthetic ingredients in skin care products

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When you browse the ingredient list of skin care products, have you ever encountered the term Carbomer 940, which is considered a key ingredient in many skin care products due to its incredible properties. Carbomer is composed of large polymer chains. The larger the chains, the greater their influence on the formulation of skin care products. It can control the viscosity, texture and appearance of cosmetics. Because of these beneficial properties, in addition to skin care and hair care products, it is also widely used in nail polish and personal care products. Today we will take a closer look at this product.

What are the characteristics of Carbomer 940?

These incredible properties of carbomer are commercially used in the formulation of a large number of cosmetics, personal care products and pharmaceutical products. Next, let's take a look at the properties of carbomer.

1. It is a polymer with high molecular weight.

2. After neutralization, it may be more sensitive to shearing than before.

3. It is sensitive to ultraviolet light, and ultraviolet absorber needs to be added to the gel to achieve transparent packaging.

4. It is a white, fluffy powder with hygroscopicity and a slight odor of acetic acid.

5. Carbomer polymer exhibits extremely low irritation and non-sensitization even when used repeatedly.

6. Due to its high molecular weight, carbomer cannot penetrate the skin layer and stay on the surface without affecting the therapeutic efficiency of the preparation.

7. It has super thickening, emulsifying and suspending properties, so it is widely used in various cosmetics and personal care formulations.

It exhibits high viscosity at low concentrations.

8. It has good thermal stability, bioadhesion properties and rheological properties.

The benefits of carbomer 940 in skin care products

1. Used as a thickener to help control the viscosity of cosmetics.

2. It helps to distribute and suspend insoluble solids in the liquid suspension.

3. It helps to absorb and retain water and expand to 1000 times its original volume, so it is used to make gel.

4. Help stabilize the formula and extend the shelf life of the product, and enhance the texture and appearance of the formula.

5. When this chemical ingredient is mixed with water, it will form a colloidal and mucus-like consistency, so it can be used in gel-like preparations.

6. Due to its shear thinning and rheological properties, it makes your skin soft and smooth.

7. It is used as an emulsifier in many cosmetics and personal care products.

Numerous applications of Carbomer 940

1. In skin care products, carbomer is used in facial moisturizers and creams, body lotions, eye essences, cleansers, anti-aging care, facial masks, scrubs and cosmetics.

2. In hair care products, it is used to make shampoo, conditioner, styling gel and mousse.

3. In the field of pharmacy, it is widely used in skin ointments to help treat various skin diseases, such as eczema and psoriasis. It can also be used in eye lubricating creams.

4. In household cleaning products, carbomer or PAA is used to make household surface cleaners, cleaners and floor cleaners.

5. Used in neutral ink, it improves the viscosity and pseudoplasticity of neutral ink, and also improves the biological stability of neutral ink