Application of Chemiluminescence Reagents in Antigen and Antibody Detection

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With the development of testing technology, the detection of antigen and antibody is becoming more and more common. Whether it is health diagnosis, disease prevention or even new coronavirus detection, antigen and antibody detection can be passed. Chemiluminescence immunoassay is an important detection method. Luminescent reagents include acridinium ester, luminol and others.



Chemiluminescence reagents for antigen and antibody detection

Antibody is a special protein with immune function, and antigen is a substance that causes antibody specific immunity. For example, the new coronavirus gene encodes multiple structural proteins, such as N protein, E protein, and S protein. These proteins include multiple epitopes. The samples are often infected samples such as throat swabs; the above antigens are used as immunogens to stimulate plasma cells The production of specific antibodies uses the principle of specific binding of antigens and antibodies to indirectly prove whether the human body is infected. The applicable sample type of antibody detection reagents is generally blood.


The use of chemiluminescence reagents to detect antigens or antibodies is to combine chemiluminescence techniques with immunoassays, and use the specific binding characteristics of antigens and antibodies to detect. Chemiluminescence reagents are used as indicators or markers. In principle, CLIA is similar to colloidal gold, immunofluorescence, and enzyme-linked immunoassay, except that the markers or indicators are different.


Advantages of chemiluminescence immunoassay:

The immunofluorescence chromatography method is as convenient as the colloidal gold method, and the detection is rapid, but it needs to be interpreted by the instrument; the enzyme-linked immunoassay can be interpreted by a conventional microplate reader, which is generally sensitive, but the detection time is longer (about 1.5 hours or more). Moreover, there are many operation steps, and measures should be taken to avoid infection during the operation. The chemiluminescence method generally has high sensitivity. The automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer is used to complete the detection without too much manual operation. The detection time is generally about half an hour.


In addition to chemiluminescent reagents, the detection of antigens or antibodies also requires highly sensitive and specific antigens and antibodies. The preparation of antibodies and the optimization of recombinant antigens also require time and experimentation. In addition, the production and disappearance of antibodies is a dynamic process, and reasonable sampling timing is also very important. Both acridinium ester reagent and luminol reagent produced by Desheng can be used for chemiluminescence detection of antigen or antibody.