The secret in the Virus Transport Media

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Half a year has passed, the New Crown epidemic is still raging all over the world, and it is far from meaning. When I was detecting nucleic acids, I looked at the Virus Transport Media  in the sampling tube and sighed: The source of the evil-virus, How can a creature like a drop of ephemera in the sea impact such a developed human civilization? It turned out that although the virus is extremely small, it is all the elements that determine all life.

The virus has the ultimate password for all life

The structure of a virus is very simple. It is a microbe composed of a nucleic acid molecule and a protein or only a protein. The individual is tiny and has a simple structure. Viruses are usually divided into DNA viruses and RNA viruses. New corona viruses and influenza viruses are RNA viruses. Protein-only prions and RNA-like viruses are currently not classified in the scientific community.

Nucleic acid is divided into deoxyribonucleic acid and ribonucleic acid. It and protein constitute the material basis of all life. Generally, chemical origin says that nucleic acid is the core, and protein is produced through transcription, translation, and pairing. There are also theories that protein is the core, and reverse Records control a variety of nucleic acids, and then produce different proteins, there is no final conclusion, but the origin of life, creationism should also be ruled out.


Viruses and the origin of life

How small is the virus?

I believe that after going through SARS, A stream, and the new crown, ordinary people have more or less knowledge of the virus. They all know that the virus is an invisible and untouchable microbe like bacteria and fungi. But how small it is, many people have no idea, otherwise there will be no farce and rumors, such as Trump's "oral disinfectant" farce, the so-called anti-virus coup in China, what tap water disinfection, smoking Disinfection, drinking disinfection, disinfection of mask spray disinfectant, sweat steam sauna disinfection, and many other wonderful disinfection methods are numerous.

Viruses are parasitic on cells and the like. Although "a bunch of brain cells die in the previous day" is a paragraph, there are a lot of cells in the dandruff that are scratched off the head and the saliva that comes out of the speech. It's small enough. If you enlarge it into a super department store and the organelles are different commercial areas, then the virus may just be an ant inside. The violent disinfection method wants to kill those ants, I am afraid that the entire cell building has been destroyed, and the tissues and organs will be destroyed.

Viruses may pose a challenge to all human civilization, and we still know very little about viruses. Enterprises like Desheng who do this Virus Transport Media are only a tiny part of the process of fighting viruses. Human research on viruses also It's far from over...